Health and Safety

Recognising the importance of safety, health and welfare in the successful operation of the company’s activities…

The company values the safety and well-being of its workforce and all other persons who may be affected by its activities. All employees undergo regular training to ensure that they are competent and qualified to undertake all aspects of company business within our own premises or on client’s construction sites.

The company’s Safety Manager Reports directly to the Managing Director and MAP Engineers Ltd vigorously pursues a safety policy which incorporates all legal requirements, client specific requirements and governmental guidelines.
Quality Assurance
We operate on the principles of ISO 9001 which covers all aspects of the project including design, manufacture, installation, and servicing of equipment.
From the conception of a project, through the specification, contract award, design, procurement, manufacture, inspection, installation and commissioning to final handover, ISO 9001 lays down a framework of minimum requirements. It ensures that all stages of the project are carried out correctly to make certain that the final objectives are achieved.
Workforce &Training

Locally recruited in the North West, but mobile across the whole of the UK MAP Engineers Ltd has a full training policy to develop the range of skills necessary to maintain and expand the flexible workforce. The company is committed to both vocational and ongoing training.
This policy will ensure that MAP Engineers can continue its policy of employing a multi-skilled workforce to maximise the flexibility of response the company can provide to its clients.
Our Accreditation

We recognise the Importance of safety, health and welfare in the successful operation of the company’s activities.


Quality is of paramount importance to MAP Engineers Limited and is the foundation that our business and reputation are built on. MAP Engineers Limited recognise that genuine commitment and investment in quality is essential. Because of this, all of our engineers are highly skilled craftsmen and adhere to our strict quality standards.

It is the policy and overall business objective of MAP Engineers Limited to provide services of the highest quality and in compliance with our customers specified requirements. Our consistently high quality standards have lead to us becoming the approved and preferred suppliers to many of our customers, a fact that we are justifiably proud of.

We welcome visits from prospective customers.